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Electronic Components

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CONEC has introduced patch cords in its product range that are manufactured with an Industrial Ethernet cord with a stranded wire cross-section of AWG22. Low losses are realized it allows for long transmission distances. 

In industrial environments, the ProfiNet cord with PUR insulation can be used. With all RJ45 connectors, the cable shield is connected through the internal strain relied to the...

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CONEC is extending their range of DT and Superseal valve connectors with a double cable outlet version. 

These would mostly be used by those who require Y-distributors for distribution of signals and power. This allows the possibilities for making systems more compact and reduces installation space, for example in a DaisyChain application with multiple cascaded connectors.  

The double outlet...

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CAE, an aerospace and aviation company, are the first to be certified by Health Canada for their CAE Air1™ ventilator.  They are now able to proceed with manufacturing and supplying 10,000 new ventilators for the Government of Canada. These ventilators will start shipping to hospitals across the country to help save the lives of COVID-19 patients battling the disease 

TCH is honored to announce...
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With the blueglobe®, PFLITSCH has a cable gland in its range of products that impresses the most exacting customer with its safety, functionality and optimum value for money. Now PFLITSCH has extended the blueglobe® series with a cable gland that performs with a single sealing insert the sealing ranges of 20 mm to 6 mm.

Technical details:

· Very large sealing range for cable diameters of 20 mm to 6...
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KDS-FB - Cable entry system for flat cables

Fast. Safe. Turning cables inside out! The KDS-FB cable entry system for flat cables provides you with outstanding versatility and saves you time while managing cables, especially for forklifts, crane systems and elevator applications. The "fish skin" on the seals mechanically surround the inserted flat cable; they ensure optimum tolerance compensation...
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The LCS 75 connector is a further development of the successful compact unit LCS 45 which facilitates the connection of luminaires. With the LCS 75 connector, there is the additional facility to connect using untreated flexible conductors. The higher protection class of IP66 makes the LCS 75 connector extremely safe and reliable, so it is ideally suited for humid environments and industrial...
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LR55-Series - Cable Ties that are Outside Serrated for Marking

Different Colors Available

  • Releasable and reusable cable tie
  • Various colours for applications needing colour coding
  • Extended trigger for simple and quick release of ties
  • Risk of accidental release is minimised
  • Outside serration prevents damage to cable insulation. 

Popularly used in:

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Conec SlimCon Connectors with Filter

IP67 D-SUB CONEC SlimCon filters are the newest addition to the IP67 D-SUB filter connector family. 

Due to increasing data transmission rates and operating frequencies, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure the function of electrical devices and systems as well as trouble-free operation. IP67 D-SUB CONEC SlimCon filters with integrated C filter and EMC...
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Shield Connection Clips & Mounting

 SABK shield-connection bracket

The stripped cable is easily pushed into the SABK shield-connection bracket. The spring force in the bracket then ensures that the shield has a consistently good contact. The large contact areas ensure excellent dissipation of interference current. 
The SABK can be used with the mounting feet for various mounting platforms (e.g. on...
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   KES Cable Entry System by Conta-Clip

Two components 
The KES system consists of two components. The inner core, made of polyamide PA 6.6 GF, is crucial for the stability and strain relief; it is over-moulded in the sealing areas with TPE to ensure an IP66 seal.

Many cables in a confined space 
Many cables (with various diameters from 3.2 to 20.5 mm) can be inserted in a confined space and double...
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