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TCH offers high quality and heavy duty latches for industrial and case hardware applications. We have a wide selection of styles and different materials available to provide safe locking solutions. You can find cam latches, draw-latches, roto-locks, spring latches and many more in our collection. We also offer a wide selection of strike and keepers to suit most styles of latch.


Large Keeper Plate
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Large Keeper Plate $1.13 CAD
SKU: 501-541800
Large Twist Lock
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Large Twist Lock $13.22 CAD
SKU: 501-540800
Large Surface Mounted Twist Catch
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Large Surface Mounted Twist Catch $10.23 CAD
SKU: 501-2443800
Medium Keeper Plate
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Medium Keeper Plate $0.52 CAD
SKU: 501-584800
Southco Hex-Actuation Tool - 29-0059-02
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Southco Hex-Actuation Tool - 29-0059-02 $12.74 CAD
SKU: 555-29005902
Southco Shallow Tab Roto-Lock - Receptacle - R2-0257-02
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Small Twist Catch with spring loaded retainer
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Medium Twist Catch
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Medium Twist Catch $9.05 CAD
SKU: 501-583800
Southco Shallow Tab Roto-Lock - Latch - R2-0259-02
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Stainless steel miniature low profile strike
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Small Keeper Plate
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Small Keeper Plate $0.55 CAD
SKU: 501-2487800
Miniature Twist Catch
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Miniature Twist Catch $5.76 CAD
SKU: 501-2484800
Southco Standard Roto-Lock - Latch - R2-0055-02
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Southco Standard Roto-Lock - Receptacle - R2-0002-02
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Small Recessed Twist Catch
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Small Recessed Twist Catch $16.01 CAD
SKU: 501-465800
Medium Twist Catch and Keeper Kit
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Medium Twist Catch and Keeper Kit $8.95 CAD
SKU: 501-583800KT2

What Are Latches?

Latches are heavy-duty devices that secure heavy doors, cabinets, and gates. They typically feature a spring or other mechanism that holds the latch in place until it is pulled open. Heavy-duty latches are usually used for large or heavy doors or cabinets, while lighter versions are often used for smaller applications such as cupboard doors. Many types of heavy-duty latches are available, including cabinet door latches and heavy-duty gate latch systems. Latches are an ideal solution for a durable way to keep heavy items secure without using a lock or padlock.

What Are the Different Types of Latches?

There are many types of latches available to suit different requirements. Plastic case latches are commonly employed in plastic cases and electrical equipment due to their lightweight and low-cost nature.

  • Heavy-duty door latches can be used for industrial applications that require a high degree of strength and durability in a door latch.
  • Cam lock latch units offer the benefit of user authentication and can likewise be used for industrial applications that require a higher level of security.
  • Panel latch hardware is often found on panels for control systems in vehicles or machines and is favored for its vibration resistance.

It's important to choose a type of latch best suited to the application at hand regarding the required strength, security level, cost, and weight of the door, cabinet, or gate.