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CNC Routing

CNC Routing Services

CNC Routing Services

Our 3-axis, high speed, CNC Router is a powerhouse machine for completing custom projects that require CNC Routing. It is a large bed machine capable of accommodating most sheet materials and is highly efficient at cutting custom and complicated projects. It can therefore create a wide variety of cavities and pockets with ease. The CNC Router can also cut foam vertically and horizontally.


The CNC Router includes a 7-station tool changer and an automatic measuring system. The tool changer keeps our setup and processing time to a minimum. With the 18 HP vacuum holding, the material is held in place easily without fixtures or framing. The 12 HP spindle drive can easily handle large diameter tool bits, ultimately reducing the tool paths and overall machine time.


Possible applications include tool trays, protective camera inserts, and instrument cases.


Machine Specs

Width: 10 ft.
Length: 5 ft.
Height: 6 in.