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Convoluted Foam

Thick Convoluted Ether Foam
Thick Convoluted Ester Foam

Material Details

Both Polyether & Polyester Polyurethane foam is available. Convoluted foam is foam that has been converted into sheets with peaks and valleys, thus, creating the “egg-crate” shape. Convoluted foam reduces the cushioning pressure when used as a lid insert, making the storage container easier to open and close. It is also popular for sound insulation in audio recording studios.


Convoluted soft foam is lightweight and flexible making it an ideal packaging solution for delicate items. It is a cost-effective packaging solution that can be used for both large and small items.

Sold out
1-1/2" thick Convoluted Ester Foam
Sold out
1-1/2" thick Convoluted Ether Foam
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