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Boteco Product Catalog

Boteco Story


Boteco was founded in the early 1970s under the name of Botecoplast; the company began producing a small range of knobs and moulding a series of special design details, only with thermosetting material (Bakelite, tessilite, etc.), the only available at the time.


In a short time, Botecoplast developed an innovative technology for producing particular parts used to construct portable welding machines. A sector in which it had so much success that it reached almost 90% of the welding machine manufacturers, thus putting the production of handles in the background.


Boteco is the expert company in the design and manufacture of maneuvering handles and mechanical components. More than 400 different product categories for a total of over 15,000 different products. Each product is made using highly reliable materials and according to constantly improved methods, thanks to high investments in design and production technologies.