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Custom Packaging Design


Packaging Design & Development

Many of our customers work on complex and challenging projects. We’ve formulated a dedicated process to ensure that we’re able to solve complex problems. We set out to thoroughly understand our customers goals and challenges, and then prototype and test to deliver an excellent final product. We’re confident that we can meet your custom packaging needs.


We dedicate time to ensure we understand your wants, needs and objectives. Seeking to understand your needs is the best way to come up with effective solutions. Once we understand the project requirements we move on to the next step, Rapid Prototyping.


A prototype or proof of concept is always created. We utilize rapid prototyping, 3D printers or CNC production equipment; processes that allow us to quickly translate our CAD designs into functional working parts. This is essential so that our solutions can be verified and reviewed with our customers.


We physically test for fit and function before moving on to manufacturing. If any changes are necessary, we modify the prototype until specifications are met.