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Rack Rail

TCH’s rack rail collection includes heavy duty steel rails and cage/captive nuts and plastic washers. The rails have a durable black textured finish which resists marks and scratches and conveniently spaced pre-punched holes for mounting equipment and rails to the sides of racks. The washers and nuts come in a black finish to go with the black rack rails.
Full Hole Pre-tapped Rack Rail
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Full Hole Pre-tapped Rack Rail $35.49 CAD
SKU: 506-2245900
Rack Rail Plastic Washers
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Rack Rail Plastic Washers $0.20 CAD
SKU: 506-2250900
Combination Rack Rail
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Combination Rack Rail $59.07 CAD
SKU: 506-2248900
Heavy Duty Support Rail
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Heavy Duty Support Rail $33.76 CAD
SKU: 506-2252900
10-32 Cage/Captive Nut
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10-32 Cage/Captive Nut $0.97 CAD
SKU: 506-2251900