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Dinkle Terminal Blocks

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Dinkle Terminal Blocks at TCH
Dinkle is a major supplier of terminal blocks to many of the multi-national manufacturers. With all the major approvals, Dinkle is a perfect cross to most major terminal block manufacturers - all while offering a competitive cost range.
Many types of terminal blocks are available:
  • PCB 
  • DIN Rail 
  • Barrier
  • Wire Pin Connectors
  • Screw Terminal Blocks
  • Terminal Strips and Connectors 
Dinkle Terminal blocks are made with plastics like Nylon PA6.6 that is rated to UL 94-VO and features excellent elasticity and hardness.
Dinkle Terminal Blocks use brass contact points as well as electroltic copper as their main conducting material because of its high conductivity and excellent chemical stability.

Take a look at our TCH Electronic Components video to see how Dinkle products are used in a typical system:
 TCH Electronic Components Youtube Video
Dinkle Terminal Blocks Available at TCH:
Dinkle PCB Terminal Block
PCB Terminal Blocks

Pluggable Terminal Blocks
Dinkle Pluggable Terminal Blocks

Dinkle Panel Mounting Terminal Blocks
Panel Mounting Terminal Blocks
Using a simple method of fixation, the terminal blocks can be mounted on top of another product, with clips(springs) or screws holding the wires in place so that both internal and external parts of the product can be used for signal transmission.

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