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TCH Hardware Foam replacement for Pelican® 1500 case

  • 3 -Piece Replacement Pick-N-Pluck® Foam Set for 1500 Case for the Pelican® 1500 Case
  • Replacement foam for warn out or damage foam insert for the Pelican® 1500 protective case
  • Unique feature of a continuous frame of solid foam around the outside edge, with diced cube foam that can be shaped to the valuable conents
  • Soft pliable polyurethane open celled foam.
  • MFG Item No: 595-0003451AZ4
  • Material: Ester Foam
  • Color/Finish: Charcoal
  • Width: 17.08in [433.8mm]
  • Height: 6.00in [152.4mm]
  • Depth: 11.51in [292.4mm]
  • Weight: 1.25Lbs [0.6kg]
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Package Size: 1
  • Package Type: Box