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TCH Hardware Foam Rifle Barrel Rest Stand Rack

  • Foam pad with 6 positions for rifle rack
  • Can be mounted to most flat clean surfaces.
  • Feature position for up to 6 rifles. foam can be trimmed if for use with less than 6 rifles
  • Closed cell, cross-linked foam
  • Foam rack can be mounted with screws, adhesive tape or glue, not supplied.
  • MFG Item No: 595-0002979AZ1
  • Material: Crosslink foam
  • Color/Finish: Charcoal
  • Size: Medium
  • Width: 18.00in [457.2mm]
  • Height: 1.80in [45.7mm]
  • Depth: 5.00in [127.0mm]
  • Weight: 0.20Lbs [0.1kg]
  • Package Size: 1
  • Package Type: Bag