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Italtronic Railbox DIN Rail Plastic Enclosure Case, Grey - 22.5mm Wide - KRC22.5

  • RAILBOX VERTICAL E MULTILEVEL is a unique and innovative enclosure designed to give a product a new aesthetic and highly technological look.
  • Kit includes: enclosure base, cover, hook, spring, front hinged transparent panel, special element for bus (only for the bus version)
  • The enclosure is mounted vertically, saving space.
  • The enclosure is easy to assemble without screws, hole covers breakable upon need, internal adaptor for the insertion of smaller PCBs in the enclosure, panels and front covers.
  • Modular sizes from 17.5 mm to a max of 45 mm thickness
  • MFG Item No: 10.0002225
  • Material: PC/ABS / Nylon
  • Color/Finish: Gray
  • Size: 22.5mm
  • Width: 22.5mm [0.89 in]
  • Height: 101.0mm [3.98 in]
  • Depth: 119.0mm [4.69 in]
  • Weight: 55.0g [121.25 Lbs]
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Package Size: 50
  • Package Type: Box