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15/16" Diameter Double Spring Hose Clamp, 50 Pack

  • Double coil spring hose clamp for 15/16" nominal diameter tubing.
  • From dishwashers to fuel lines and many other application like appliances, agricultural, lawn equipment, automotive, marine and industrial markets.
  • Spring Clamps automatically expand and contract with hoses in response to fluctuations in temperature while maintaining a constant pressure.
  • Made of high tensile wire with zinc plate. Springs are color dye coated for easy identificaiton.
  • MFG Item No: 504-CLMP0037
  • Material: Steel; Heat Treated
  • Color/Finish: Zinc Plate
  • Width: 1.00in [25.4mm]
  • Height: 1.46in [37.1mm]
  • Depth: 0.36in [9.1mm]
  • Weight: 0.02Lbs [0.0kg]
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Package Size: 50