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TCH Easystock

Benefits of UsingEASYSTOCK



Time Saving for Buyers

Time Saving for Buyers
  • System works off a Blanket PO
  • No need to generate individual orders
  • No need to manually monitor stock levels for replenishment
  • No time spent on calling in or faxing over orders to TCH

TURNKEY Solution

Turnkey Solutions
  • Web-based
  • TCH reader, system and maintenance
  • TCH prepares barcodes, underlying data
  • Low IT costs - accesses web portal through wireless
  • TCH training and reporting

Uses YOUR Part Numbers

Uses YOUR Part Numbers
  • All information is communicated using YOUR part numbers
  • TCH will set up the cross-reference tables so that this solution is seamless to you

Bar Code Reader

Bar Code Reader
  • Completely Wireless Handheld (no keyboards)
  • Stored part numbers, replenishment quantities
  • TCH maintains bar codes data
  • Operators point and shoot
  • Ability to Review full order before submitting to TCH
  • Eliminates human keying errors
  • No need to store re-order quantities
  • Inventory levels are kept “just right”

Third Party Vendor Support

Third Party Vendor Support
  • Single system, Multiple vendor buying
  • TCH setup for vendor barcodes
  • Vendors receive order info via email

BOM Setup

BOM Setup
  • Link multiple parts to 1 Master part
    (i.e. Bill of Materials or Kits)
  • Operator only needs to scan the 1 Master Part
  • 1 scan for creating entire order list

Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations
  • Multiple locations at your warehouse
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Highly scalable solution
  • Ship-to Info built into the Barcode
  • Can be specific down to a workstation

Secured and Controlled

Secured and Controlled - Icon
  • SEC Compliant – transaction stamping
  • Handshake protocols to ensure orders are moved through the process
  • Separate user log-ins