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Barriers & Partitions

Keep Your Space Safe In Style

TCH now offers PVC & Polycarbonate partitions. As businesses begin to re-open they will likely look and function differently than before COVID-19. Protection is needed for both employees and consumers in order for businesses to operate safely. These PVC and Polycarbonate panels will enable business owners to re-open and abide by proper social distancing measures, affording everyone piece of mind in a post-COVID-19 world.


We currently offer Clear and Bronze colored Polycarbonate Panels and white or black PVC panels.


Freestanding barrier partitions in the gym between treadmills

Benefits & Features

PVC and Polycarbonate barriers offer privacy protection in public spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are light-weight, easy to move around, and cost effective. These panels have a smooth surface for easy cleaning and can be placed in a stand or hung. Poly-carbonate Panels have an impact resistance that is 200x greater than glass and 10x greater than Acrylic. We have stand and suspension options available to fit the panels seamlessly into your space.

Hanging barrier partitions in a salon between chairs

Primary Applications

Typically these partitions are used in workout facilities, open office spaces, hotel lobbies, sales centers, event rentals, office furniture suppliers, hair and nail salons, and spas.

Hanging barrier partitions in a spa

Cleaning, Storage & Handling Panels

The panels can be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent (like Dawn) or a plastic safe cleaner. Gently wipe on/off with a micro-fiber towel. Do not use Ammonia, alcohol or bleach products that exceed a 0.5% solution, harsh chemicals or abrasive elements. Panels should be stored on a flat and clean surface. Keep free of dirt and debris.

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White or Black

Polycarbonate Panels


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3/8"X48:X84" Clear




3/8"X48:X84" Bronze




Mounting Options

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White or Black

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Fixed Point



Looped Cable



T-Bar Dropped Ceiling



Track Suspension



Large Grippers (2)
(for 3/8" & 1/2" panels)



Display of black and white standing barrier partitions