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What is Die Cut Foam?

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die cutting foam


What is Die Cutting?

Die cutting is a mass fabrication because of its ability to produce multiple forms in a single pressing, it is mainly utilized to produce bulk quantities at rapid speed process in which you use a machine for cutting out shapes.

Materials that can be die cut include paper, fabrics, rubber, fiberglass, metal sheets, foam, wood, and plastics.

For each job, a die, which is a shaped blade, is custom made for the item being created. This die is then lowered onto the material and makes a cut into it.


What is Foam used for?

Depending on the application, foam can help a product’s performance in a multitude of ways. For example, certain types are suited to insulation, whereas others are used to create absorbent sponges.

For shipping a product which has Prominence and protrusion like flanges and button, in a safe way, customized foam is the best option.

Foam can be designed, cut, and fabricated to hold any shape.

TCHprovides a full range of packaging techniques and cutting solutions from simple foam inserts to complex designs executed by array of machinery.

Custom die-cut foam packaging for supplies helps in the protection of fragile and sensitive material. Despite being lightweight, it is extremely persistent and prevents the product inside the package from moving around during shipment and delivery.


Foam Die Cutting:

Sheets of foam are placed over the plates and compressed by pressure. The foam is forced down over the blades, cut to shape, and released, creating a form according to the design on the plate with precision and accuracy.

Flat bed die cutting

die cutting foam

simplest and fastest method for low volume projects and large size products. It is often used for harder and thicker materials by using a hydraulic flatbed press.

Its process can convert materials in both sheet and roll form. One of the best die cutting machine for making die cuts on laminates and sheets.

Waterjet Cutting, another way to cut foam


suitable for individual cuts, more expensive for high volume. Mostly used for softer material.

die cutting foam


TCHservices include CAD design, short run production, prototype, high volume production and quality control for both Flat Bed Die Cutting and Waterjet Cutting.

Our knowledgeable engineers will assist you in the whole process from concept, cost and material consideration.