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TCH Packaging Solutions

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  1. Innovative Custom Solutions
  2. Rapid Prototyping
  3. Manufacturing

The design is the start of our development process and communication with our customers. It becomes the blueprint driving our processes forward to deliver successful products for each of our customers needs. Our blueprint is our road map from concept and collaboration with the customer, to the shop floor for first off samples, short run production and the final protective packaging insert. 

In TCH’s 40-year history, our experience in both the flight case and crate industries help us design effective protective solution. Our designers have backgrounds in packaging, mechanical engineering, and industrial design. Using our experience, we will adapt our process, material and production to provide the best foam protection while aware of costs and their impact.

We can quickly design solutions for your needs. We can integrate our 3D modeling and CAD and collaborate with our customer using highly accurate CNC cutting and fabrication.

We deliver it all with quality and efficiency.

  • Mechanical/packaging designers
  • 3D modeling and design with SolidWorks and Spaceclaim CAD systems
  • Integrate CNC and CAM applications supporting 5-axis and 3-axis machining & cutting
  • Prototyping and first production samples

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