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Foam Applications

  • 1 min read

Foam is used in a multitude of industries - some of which you would never think of. As foam fabricators we fulfill the needs of all our customers. Due to the variety and different uses they all require, we utilize an assortment of different foams and machinery. Here are the top 5 industries we serve!


Harder foams are used in cushioning and protection application (e.g. gym mats, barrier pads, etc.) whereas soft foams are used where comfort is needed (e.g. yoga). Mascots are also an interesting way to utilize foam due to their sculptural features, need for airflow, and visual openings.


Protective foam is used for transportation and shipping. Both are used as inserts into cases, containers and enclosures for structural support and as insulation and thermal protection. Hard shell cases with custom foam inserts are ideal for drones, inspection equipment, service and tool kits. Musical instruments and equipment definitely need protection when transporting in ATA cases.


Soft foams are used for orthopedic supports and braces with more flexible foams for physiotherapy equipment. Foams can also be used to protect equipment or hold tools.


Military requirements for foam cushioning must resist punishing abuse and rugged locations while maintaining performance. Military grade foams such as M-series Ethafoam are often used from approved suppliers. Mil-spec firearms cases, foam packaging and foam dunnage all require inserts.


Foam inserts are used in this industry for packaging, display and protection. Some examples would be gift boxes, decorative awards, promotional packaging, etc.