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TCH Presents: CONEC Versatile Combination D-Sub Connectors

  • 1 min read

Combination D-Sub's are for applications that require shielded RF signals or on high current printed circuit boards. Combination D-Subs also minimize the number of connectors and cable assemblies needed.


For cases were Combination D-Subs are used, Combination D-Sub connectors can simplify multiple interface problems. These connectors allow different contact types to be combined with ease: They don't change in shape, size or installation dimension and it is no longer necessary to have separate interfaces for power supply or coaxial signals.

Arrangements which accept only the #8 sized contacts are:
2W2C, 3W3, 3W3C,5W5 and 8W8.

With five shell sizes and possible pin combinations of high voltage, power and co-axial CONEC´s D-SUB Combination connectors offer more flexibility than other solutions on the market. This product also allows faster connect/disconnect for applications requiring multiple RF connections.

The available #8 size contacts include:

  • Power with Current Ratings from 10 thru 40 amps
  • Coax in 50 or 75 ohms
  • High Voltage Contacts for Ratings up to 2,8 kV
Conec D-sub Connector