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Pflitsch is with multiple inlet – our most flexible cable gland

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With the blueglobe®, PFLITSCH has a cable gland in its range of products that impresses the most exacting customer with its safety, functionality and optimum value for money. Now PFLITSCH has extended the blueglobe® series with a cable gland that performs with a single sealing insert the sealing ranges of 20 mm to 6 mm.

Technical details:

· Very large sealing range for cable diameters of 20 mm to 6 mm (Sealing range of standard
  blueglobe®: 20 mm to 11 mm)
· Type of protection IP 68
· Temperature range: -40°C up to +130 °C
· Very high strain relief up to Class B, EN 62444

· Available size M25

Advantages of the blueglobe®  with multiple-inlet:

·  55 % larger sealing range than a standard blueglobe®  cable gland

·  The unique sealing insert with three inlets allows the sealing range to be quickly and easily adjusted for each particular application

·  No need for a special tools, use of a screwdriver for separation

·  Only one cable gland for a variety of cable diameters

That means:

- Lower storage costs

- Minimum effort for orders

- Less time for article data management

- Easy and fast installation because one size of tool is needed

Additional advantages of the blueglobe® with slotted

Easy, uncomplicated installation of preassembled cables

Additional advantages of the blueglobe® with multiple-inlet as
closed version

-Transport protection

-Dust protection

blueglobe® with multiple-inlet
Very large sealing range from 20 mm up to 6 mm

IP 68 up to 15 bar

If you are interested in blueglobe®or any other Pflitsch product you can contact your local TCH representative at 1-800-465-6281 or email us at