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Oupiin offers FFC/FPC Connectors and Flat Flex Cable

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Oupiin offers FFC/FPC Connectors and Flat Flex Cable


The FFC/FPC Connector products are offered in both the ZIF and Non ZIF Styles, in pitches ranging from .3mm to 2.54mm and come in Straight, Right Angle, Verticle and Surface Mount. The ZIF Style offers the highest possible numbers of mating cycles while the Non ZIF is the most cost effective series. These connectors can be found in a multitude of industries, offering space savings and provide greater flexibility between boards. Product is packaged standard in tubes, trays and tape and reel.


FFC PCB Black and White


We maintain many of these FFC/FPC Connectors in stock or standard delivery is 10 weeks. For Samples, please contact Richard Queen for Availability.


The Flat Flex Cable is custom, so your customer will generally have a drawing to send across. I will go into this product in another newsletter but wanted to make sure you were aware that we also offer it.


These are great products to go after and are widely used. Ask your customers if they are using the FFC/FPC Connectors, you may be surprised at how many positive responses you get. Thanks again for your time, have a great day and good hunting out there!


Regards, Tim Roberts


Originally posted by Tim at Oupiin America

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