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CONEC M12x1: Maximum design flexibility

  • 1 min read
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"As a result of the permanent growth of digital communication and the massive increase in data volumes, especially in the industry 4.0, it is necessary to ensure faster and broader transmission of information. CONEC makes a step in this direction with the new X-coded connector family size M12x1 which is designed for data transmission according to standard CAT 6A."

"M12x1 X-coded was designed for 10 GB/s data transmission, SMT surface mounting and THR design. THR allows surface mounting as well as reflow process ability. This soldered version has the well-known stability of wave soldering.
The user can mount the board equipped with the insulation body in different socket geometries. CONEC sockets are suitable for combined mounting and ideal for designs where the M12x1 thread of the housing is directly moulded on, thus creating maximum design flexibility."