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CBI-electric QL Series (Circuit Breakers)

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As we come to the end of National Electrical Safety Month, we'd like to highlight the QL Series Circuit Breakers from CBI-electric: low voltage. Previously known as Circuit Breaker Industries, CBI supplies low-voltage electrical distribution, protection, and control equipment. With more than five decades of expertise, CBI-electric is a leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing circuit breakers, plus many more.

Components of a Circuit Breaker

There are many different sizes, types, and varieties of circuit breakers, but their usage and components are similar. The primary function is to interrupt the current flow once a fault is identified. Circuit breakers can be reset to resume normal operation. The five parts all circuit breakers share are:

  1. Frame: Protects and holds internal parts 
  2. Operating mechanism: For opening and closing the circuit breaker
  3. Contacts: Allows the current to flow through when closed
  4. Arc extinguisher:Extinguishes arc when a fault is interrupted 
  5. Trip unit: Opens the operating mechanism during a short circuit or prolonged overload

Below is a more in-depth view of the individual components within.

CBI-electric QL Series (Circuit Breakers)

Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breaker from CBI

  1. Handle
  2. Mechanism assembly
  3. Line terminal
  4. Fixed contact
  5. Contact tips
  6. Moving contact
  7. Arc runner line side
  8. Hermetically sealed tube
  9. Magnetic frame
  10. Solenoid coil
  11. Armature
  12. Load terminal
  13. Pole piece
  14. Arc runner load side
  15. Arc grids
  16. Clip-in springs


QL Series

The QL Series are low voltage, miniature circuit breakers that provide an exceptional safeguard against overloads and short circuits for smaller equipment and electrical circuits. Circuit breakers' general use is for protecting cables and installations, but it's essential to choose the correct one for your application. CBI's circuit breakers comply with international standards. Contact us for more information on circuit breakers.


  • AC circuit breaker
  • Hydraulic-magnetic technology
  • 100% rating capability, independent of ambient temperature
  • One, two and three pole (UL). One, two, three pole and 1+N, 3+N (VDE).
  • VDE, EAC and CCC approved, CE certified
  • UL listed (CSA / UL 489)
  • Ratings 0.1 to 25 A
  • Optional shunt trip (approvals pending)
  • Wide range of time delays and operating currents
  • Precision tripping characteristics
  • Ultra compact – 13 mm wide module
  • Trip indication with mid-trip handle
  • Reset immediately after overload
  • DIN mount product in grey shells
  • Dual mount product in black shells
  • Current limiting capability
  • Ring terminal ready (terminal screw is removable)
  • Suitable to use for electrical isolation


  • AC branch circuit protection (UL 489, IEC / EN 60847-2)
  • Telecom/datacom equipment
  • Lighting control
  • UPS equipment
  • Alternative energy equipment
  • Mobile power generation equipment
  • Power conditioning equipment

TCH is an authorized distributor of CBI-electric. For more information on the QL Series or other CBI products, contact us today.