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Why 'Squatchy Adventures' is Overland Crazy and You Should Be Too

  • 2 min read
We caught up recently with Squatchy Adventures who happens to be one our customers and one of our favorite explorers on instagram. They shared a bit of their history  with the outdoors (and cool pics of course) with us.

"The first big trip I took wasn't overland but was overwater. My grandfather had a homemade 30-foot steel hull riverboat named the grey ghost. It's a nickname he got from his favorite dog breed: Weimaraner."

I was 8-years-old and he took me and my brothers and a couple of our friends on a long weekend excursion up the black warrior river out of Tuscaloosa, AL. There are several local and state parks that have water access from the river and we visited several of them on the trip. We would drive up river during the day, stopping to make lunch and jump in the water to cool off.
We would stop at night at the parks and tie off and build a fire on the shore. We cooked out and wandered about the wooded banks of the river with flashlights looking for frogs and whatever we could find.It was my first time to take an outdoor adventure like that and it really stuck with me. He passed it onto my dad who would take us hiking and backpacking around the state."
A photo posted by "It's Squatch Time" ™ (@squatchy_adventures) on
A photo posted by "It's Squatch Time" ™ (@squatchy_adventures) on