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Revolutionary Zip Clamp - Cut your Manufacturing Time in Half - TCH

  • 1 min read
Introducting an innovation to the ATA/Road Case Industry:
TCH designed and patent-pending Zip ClampsTM dramatically reduce time and labor required to build road cases.
Zip ClampsTM are a solid die cast corner piece. Valance extrusions matches up to the zip clamp so that it covers the edges and continues the tongue and groove profile of the valance.
The following Zip ClampsTM are available online on
You might consider using the zip clamp if you're looking to make your case corners more resistant to impact, or if you're looking for a way to reduce labor for matching extrusions at the corner.
You can use the zip clamp for both single and double angle construction. And it fits exclusively with TCH's tongue and groove extrusions.
Product Benefits Include:
  • No need to miter cut corners: Valance extrusions can be straight cut, several pieces at once, resulting in significant reduction in labor time
  • Higher resistance to impact
  • Continuous tongue and groove profile around whole case
  • Zip ClampsTM easily replaces most current case systems
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