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Merits of using Casters for Hotel Luggage Carts

  • 2 min read

With the advent of casters, moving heavy equipment became easier and more efficient. Prior to the use of casters, moving objects took multiple people or heavy equipment which could damage the objects being moved. The same can be said for moving luggage for guests during their stay at hotels. Providing efficient ways to move luggage is but one important way to make a guest’s stay relaxing and enjoyable. Luggage carts manufacturers need to provide various sized carts in order to meet the needs of the various types of luggage.

They need to be easy to navigate through the hallways and doorways of the hotel. One way for manufacturers to provide this is by adding stainless steel casters. For heavy carts, casters with brakes are recommended to better control them.

Benefits of Stainless-Steel Casters

The biggest benefits are listed below:

  • Ease of Care
  • Attractive Appearance
  • Durable Under Heavy Loads
  • Different Types of Caster Wheels

Ease of Care

Easy to maintain, stainless-steel casters can be sprayed with a hose to clean them of oil, grime, and dirt. This can be done in a utility or laundry area. Once the casters dry, the luggage cart is ready to be put into final production.

Attractive Appearance

Adding stainless-steel casters to any cart adds a touch of class. It gives a shiny, modern accent to any luggage cart. It dresses up even the oldest luggage carts. While the casters on the luggage carts are beneath the platform and low to the ground, they are still easy to see and contributes to the overall esthetic of the cart’s appearance.

Durable Under Heavy Loads

Casters made of stainless steel are able to support a great deal of weight. The heavier the load, the more important it is to have casters with brakes to better control the carts when in motion. Whether a guest has one suitcase or several trunks, the luggage carts need to be able to support he weight without damaging the items. Whether the flooring is carpeted, cement, or tile, the casters can easily move items from one place to another.

Can Be Used with Different Types of Wheels

Whether pneumatic, semi-pneumatic or a rubber caster wheel, various stainless-steel casters can be equipped with various types of wheels to make them easy to move.

For over forty years, TCH has been providing the highest quality casters and equipment hardware available. If your manufactured luggage carts need improved movement and top quality casters, reach out to TCH to find out more. We are your partner in motion with our wide selection of stainless-steel casters.