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Crate Fabrication Hardware

  • 1 min read

 Wooden crates and ATA/Flight cases have a lot of similarities. They're both often used for carrying and protecting items during transportation. One of the benefits of wooden crates are that they're less expensive. When stacked correctly, it can withstand vertical pressure while still being sturdy. Wooden crates are also more environmentally friendly. 

Crate Fabrication Hardware

Whether it's a reusable crate or fixed-structured crates, our hardware allows for the versatility needed to produce any type of crate. Our latches and handles are fortified with a robust ridge to protect each piece against protentional damages. 

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  • Protected Surface Mount Latch  501-423800
  • Padlockable Protected Surface Mount Latch — 501-424800
  • Large Surface Mount Twist Catch — 501-2443800
  • Large Keeper Plate — 501-541800
  • Surface Mount Protected Handle — 500-140800