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What Is An Industrial Handle?

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What is an Industrial Handle?

Industrial handles and pulls are hardware components commonly used to control, swing, lift, or secure machinery equipment, containers, or storage boxes. Handles help close/open or lock connected equipment by gripping, twisting, or rotating lids or doors. Handles also make transporting or carrying equipment easier by providing a firm hand grip location.

Industrial handles are available in different styles that best suit your application, with various options for locking mechanisms, grip distances, and shaft lengths to meet demanding specifications.

Industrial handles, based on their material, can resist one another. At TCH,our industrial handles are made of high-quality metal that can resist rust and last longer. An industrial handle is constructed with heavy-duty materials making it efficient for marine and defense applications and infrastructure maintenance.

When selecting the type of material for the handle or pull, several criteria should be considered, including the strength of the material, the comfort of holding the handle, and the environment in which the handle will be applied.

Different Types of Handles:

 T handle

  • Its name came from its shape, which is like a “T.” They are highly ergonomic and are designed to give them robust control. It has handles on both sides of the mounting bar, making them a popular choice for equipment and machines.

L handle

  • L handles are used on most doors; they protrude perpendicular to the door and are turned from side to side to release the latching mechanism. The durability of this kind of handle is related to their longevity because they tolerate highly inclined and strong pulling.

Utility/Pull handle

  • Cabinets are designed mainly with a pull handle. You can open a drawer by gripping and pulling it. Pull handles support pulling action vertically and horizontally.

Recessed Extension handle

  • Recessed extension handles are typically used for medium or large cases and are designed for heavy load cases.When paired with a set of our corner-mounted casters makes, transporting your case and contents is a breeze.

Speaker cabinet handle

  • These heavy-duty handles recess into the cabinet every time they are not used to give a nice look.

Surface Mount handle

  • The thick, durable rubber handle offers greater comfort without requiring any cutout when carrying your road case.

Strap handle

  • Also called carrying handles or PVC handles, they are ideal for a cap or bundle in different sizes and designs. The strap handle can be attached across the top, bottom, or diagonally so the device can be cradled in one hand.


Industrial handles are usually made of metal, rubber, or plastic. We must consider the material’s resistance, the comfort of holding the handle, and the temperature at which the handle will be used when selecting the material.



  • Available in different finishes
  • Temperature resistant
  • Durable
  • Safe to use
  • Cost effective

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