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Southco Vise-Action Compression Latch and Quarter Turn Fixed Grip Cam Latche - Available at TCH

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Southco E3 Compression Latches and Southco E5 Quarter Turn Latches at TCH
TCH is an authorized distributor of Southco products. We are one of the largest authorized distributors and carry the full line of Southco products - in stock, in our 5 warehouses in North America.
Featured this month are Southco E3 Vise-Action Compression Latches and E5 Quarter Turn Fixed Grip Cam Latches. Southco products are of premier quality and the industry standard in access solutions.

E3 Vise-Action® Compression
Southco E3 Compression Latch
The smooth operation of the Vise-Action® design aligns the paul behind the frame and draws it up tight with a single, continuous half-turn motion.

Its compression provides 6.4mm (.25") pull-up for environmental sealing in gasketed applications and helps reduce or eliminate noise and rattles, and accidental opening caused by shock or vibration.
First 90° turn: Cam rotates behind frame The door is now latched against opening As you complete half-turn motion, shaft and cam compress to pull the door snugly against the frame or gasket into locked position
E5 Quarter Turn Cam Latch
Southco E3 Compression Latch
Southco E5 cam latch is a highly modular and easy to configure solution, suitable for a wide range of applications.

By changing any of the three basic components (access style driver, latch body or cam) the E5 can be easily adjusted to suit most applications.
Basic E5 Styles
E5 Standard
Industry standard, highly modular and configurable
E5 Low Profile
Stylish, low profile design
E5 Push-to-Close
Standard E5 with added functionality of spring loaded cam or actuator for single or multi-point operation
E5 Flush Cup Wing Knob
Stylish oval cup design. Clean, flush outer surface.