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Southco UL Recognized Access Hardware

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Simplify Environmental Certification with UL Recognized Access Hardware

Enclosure manufacturers face many challenges when certifying their end product to meet environmental compliance. By using UL Recognized hardware, enclosure manufacturers may be able to avoid those challenges by using latches, fasteners and hinges that meet the same environmental rating as the enclosure itself.

Simplify Environmental Certification with UL Recognized Access Hardware

What is FTTA2 / FTTA8? 

FTTA2 / FTTA8 is a Recognition certification for enclosure accessories that enables manufacturers of UL 50E Type rated enclosures to use Type rated latches, hinges or fasteners. 

By properly and pre-emptively selecting FTTA2 / FTTA8 Recognized hardware and leveraging exemptions for other materials used to construct the enclosure, manufacturers can achieve their desired Type rating with a final hosedown test of the end-item. 

The UL Recognized Component 
Mark is a quality mark that indicates the component has been demonstrated to comply with UL’s requirements. These products have been tested by UL and are regularly inspected to ensure they meet the prescribed guidelines of environmental standards.