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Southco’s new R4-10 Rotary Latch Eliminates Noise, Vibration

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TCH : Southco’s new R4-10 Rotary Latch Eliminates Noise, Vibration

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Southco’s new R4-10 Rotary Latch

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New Compact Rotary Latch Eliminates Noise and Vibration

Southco’s new R4-10 Rotary Latch features an integrated rubber bumper that eliminates noise and vibration caused by normal operating conditions. The R4-10 Rotary Latch with Integrated Bumper is available in single and two-stage options and features a design that traps the striker between a rubber bumper and rotor. Without extra clearance or room to move, any noise potential that could be caused by metal-on-metal movement or vibration is eliminated.


  • Integrated bumper eliminates noise and vibration
  • Two-stage cam design prevents false latching
  • Provides concealed latching with push-to-close convenience
  • Compact design minimizes protrusion within enclosure applications
  • Allows remote actuation when paired with Southco cables and actuators

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