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Southco H3 - Swinghandle Multi-Point System

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Southco's H3 Multi-Point Systems provide a convenient solution for large door spans. They have a single user touch point operating multiple latch points. The new modular design is aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing.
The design nests into housing for minimal protrusion and pops up to swing smoothly for easy latch actuation. Die-cast zinc construction provides corrosion-resistant durability with optional gasketing for indoor and outdoor use.
Lightweight nylon version is available for cost-efficient indoor applications.

Product Benefits Include:
  • Standardized external look in varying dimensions
  • Multi-tool access and keylocking/keycode capabilities
  • Flammabilty protection for nylon version
  • Proper gasketing for outdoor applications
Multiple Latch Points with Rod Systems

Rod systems provide a simple, economical add-on to SOUTHCO single point latches.
Multiple latch points provide extra security and strength because they eliminate pry points, door flexing and rattle.
TCH How It Works Video:
H3 Multi-Point Latches on Electronic (EIA) Rack Cabinets
The following TCH video shows an example of how Southco H3 Multiple Latch with Rod Systems are used in EIA Rack Cabinets.

H3 - EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle
H3-EM is an H3 Multi-Point Swinghandle System that features a microprocessor controlled gear motor design.
The H3-EM can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated with an existing building access control system or supplied as a fully networked system.
  • Fits industry standard panel preps
  • Easy integration
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrated sensors for lock status, monitoring and alarm functions