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New Additions to E5 Cam Latch Series

  • 1 min read
The successful E5 Cam Latch Series from Southco is excitedly expanding their line of products, with extensions that include:
  • Extending housing version design for increased panel thickness
  • A roller cam option that compensates for inadequate gasket compression
  • Flush mounting cup that provides sealing capability

New Additions to E5 Cam Latch Series

E5 Fixed Grip Cam Latch

Panels and doors with thicknesses up to 52mm are now able to use E5 Fixed Grip Cam Latches. The extended housing E5 Fixed Grip Cam Latch features light compression, and is perfect for applications where energy efficiency is a key design consideration.

Plastic Roller-Style Cam

The E5 Cam Latches are now offered with a plastic roller-style cam version. Operational force is reduced and light compression is provided. The Roller Cam eliminates vibration and rattling during operation. When using, it's smooth rotation minimizes the frictional force that usually occurs with a flat cam. If there's a decorated or coated finish, the Roller Cam delivers a robust, scratch-free engagement. It is an economic, secure solution for inadequate gasket compression with low operating efforts.

Flush Cup Accessory

Southco's new Flush Cup accessory can be combined with any of Southco's E5 Cam Latches or E3 VISE ACTION Compression Latches to meet NEMA 4 and IP65 requirements for water and dust protection. With the accessory, the latch can be mounted flush to the panel by recessing the mounting point (available with stud or through-hole mounting styles).
These new products released from Southco offer reliable performance for a variety of applications where light compression and sealing is required. If you are interested in the E5 Cam Latch series, visit our website.