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HellermanTyton Wedge Clip Helps Route Heavier Wires

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    Wedge Clip

source: Wedge Clip, paired with any HellermannTyton heavy duty cable tie, routes cables along a frame or rail in vertical or horizontal applications. A robust design and durable materials make it ideal for extreme-duty applications. The integrated wedge mechanism slides along a stepped grade until snug against the mounting surface.Inside the clip is a 3M™ VHB™ (Very High Bond) adhesive pad, which actually builds strength over time. This holds the clip to the work surface instantly, enabling installers to place it into position without worrying about it falling off prior to fastening. The combination of adhesive and the clip’s vice-like compression result in incredible extraction force without the need to drill holes. The Wedge Clip is offered in three sizes.  Features and Benefits:• Two-piece ratcheting wedge design allows for easy, positive-locking size adjustment.• Peel and stick 3M™ VHB™ adhesive inside clip increases grip and enables one-hand installation.• Heat-stabilized, glass-filled PA66 assembly delivers remarkable extraction force without drilling.• Three sizes cover a wide range of mounting thicknesses, reducing part inventory. • 4-way, wide slot accommodates our heavy duty and Wide Strap Series Cable Ties.

Adjustable to Fit a Variety of Applications

Clearly, this is no ordinary edge clip. Just three Wedge Clip sizes can accommodate material thicknesses up to 0.51 inch (13 mm). Each features an adjustable range:
  • 151-01565: 0.0" – .20" panel thickness, back w/green wedge
  • 151-01566: 0.16" – 0.35" panel thickness, black w/black wedge
  • 151-01567: 0.31" – 0.51" panel thickness, black w/gray wedge

Built to Perform

The Wedge Clip is made of our proprietary PA66 blend to resist impact, heat and UV exposure. Use it indoors or out – with confidence.HellermannTyton has earned an exceptional reputation for heavy duty edge clips. This latest addition builds on that tradition in an innovative form factor.Heavy Duty Cable Ties
Wide Strap Cable Ties The Heavy Duty Wide Strap Cable Tie was designed to minimize the pinching of soft bundles and the potential of lateral movement along the bundle. The low-profile head and underside clamping rails increase the grip around the bundle and provide a better fit than traditional cable ties. These are used primarily in the trucking and heavy equipment industries, but can be used in a wide variety of applications where strength is needed.Features and Benefits• Wider and thinner strap design increases flexibility, provides low insertion and minimizes pinching of bundles. • Low-profile head with clamping rails provide compact bundling with a full circumferential compression around bundles. • Bent tail allows for quick insertion into head or mounts.• High-impact, heat and UV stabilized heavy duty cable ties contain an impact modifier allowing greater flexibility and greater resistance to vibration