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Captive Featured Products

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Featured Captive Products at TCH
Since 1974, Captive Fastener Corporation has been solely dedicated to manufacturing the finest quality self-clinching fasteners for a variety of industrial and electronics equipment produced by major OEMs.
Self-Clinching Plungers:
Series CPN & CPR
Captive Series CPN and CPR
CPN & CPR Spring-Loaded Plunger Assemblies are used as positioning pins and locking stops on drawer slides and equipment consoles.

CPR series has a hold open feature activated by pulling out the plunger head and rotating it, which allows smooth slide operation.
Series PEM
Cross Reference
Material Finish Feature
CPN PSL2 Carbon Steel Bright Nickel over Copper Flash ASTM B689 Spring Return
CPR PTL2 Hold Open
Captive Fastener CPN Diagram
Use in: Cold-rolled Steel or 5052-H34 Aluminum with Rockwell hardness of HRB-80 or less.

Reel Mounted Spacers and Nuts:
Series CRM
Captive Fastener CRM

CRM Reel Mount nuts and spacers provide a low-installed-cost solution for surface mount hardware. The fasteners are fed from the recyclable reel using “pick and place” equipment and oriented prior to the reflow soldering operation.

Series PEM
Cross Reference
Material Finish
CRM SMTSO Carbon Steel Eeltro Tin Plated,
ASTM B545, Class A
w/ Preservative Coating

Thread: Internal 2B, ANSI B1.1 (6H, ANSI/ASME B1.13M)
Self-Clinching Self-Locking Nuts:
Captive Series CRT, CRTS, CRTA
CRT series fasteners provide a low-installed-cost solution where a clinching fastener with repeat locking torque is required. The design allows for greater reusability and minimizes the possibility of thread damage of the mating screw.
Series PEM
Cross Reference
Material Finish
CRT LK Carbon Steel Black Dry Film Lubricant
over Zinc Phosphate
CRTS LKS 300 Series
Stainless Steel
Black Dry Film Lubricant
CRTA LKA 7075-T6 Aluminum None
CRT series fasteners
Thread: Internal 3B, ANSI B1.1 (6H ANSI/ASME B1.13M)

Thread locking performance for CRT & CRTS is equivalent to applicable NASM 25027 specifications.
Use in: Cold-rolled Steel