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The Importance of Equipment Ergonomics

  • 1 min read
By Peter Vowell



Ergonomics dude

Ergonomics is a topic that is discussed far less than needed. It’s easy to pass off ergonomic design as a luxury, and one that the industrial workplace can’t afford. The term refers to far more than the overpriced chair sitting in your boss's office however. It’s a principle that can be (and should be) integrated into every industry across the board, from industrial to recreational to medical.
Handles and grips are needed for human interaction with most tools. And while it’s easy to just use the cheapest option available, this might have disastrous results in the long run. The correct texturing and shape of a grip or a knob can increase control and precision for the operator, leading to far fewer mistakes in the course of worker handling. Proper handle size can ensure a tool doesn’t slip in its operator’s hand, preventing employee blunders and possible injuries. The physical material of the handgrip can also come into play. In certain medical and industrial roles, temperatures are drastically reduced or increased. In these situations, it is important to utilize a handle material that is highly temperature-insensitive. There are many factors to consider, and each sector of business presents its own distinct challenges.