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New Mill-Max Crimp Receptacles added to product line

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New Mill-Max crimp receptacles added to product line

Mill-Max introduces the new 07XX series crimp receptacles to its wire termination product line. The five new receptacles are commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) alternatives to the popular Mil-Spec M39029 female crimp terminals. Fitted with the high reliability Mill-Max spring finger contacts in place of the slit and hooded terminals which characterize the M39029 products, these are perfectly suited if your application does not demand Mil-Qualified components but requires a similar form factor and high reliability.

This table shows pin and wire accommodation sizes. Thicker gold plating options are available upon request. All plating options have a nickel under-plate.

Mill-Max Part # Wire Accomadation Mating Pin Size
0722-0-33-15-47-27-10-0 22-28 AWG 22 (.030"Ø)
0720-0-33-15-34-27-10-0 20-24 AWG 20 (.040" Ø)
0716-0-33-15-23-27-10-0 16-20 AWG 16 (.0625" Ø)
0714-0-33-15-07-27-10-0 14-16 AWG 14 (.077" Ø)
0712-0-33-15-08-27-10-0 12-14 AWG 12 (.094" Ø)

The 07XX crimp receptacles:

  • Are convenient and simple to work with
  • Conform to the dimensions of the Mil-Spec parts, the same crimp tooling can be used to terminate the wires.
  • Mate with the MIll-Max M39029 COTS equivalent crimp pins (39XX series)
  • Mate with Mil-Spec M39029 pins (sizes 12, 14, 16, 20 & 22)
  • Provide an interconnect solution with wire crimp termination for discrete wires or cables when used together
  • Provide crimp termination of wire sizes from 28 – 12 AWG

Source: Mill-Max


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