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New addition to Mill-Max family of spring pin mating products.

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Mill-Max: Unique Low Profile SMT Target Discs

"The new 1578-3-57-15-00-00-03-0 SMT disc is .078" (1,98 mm) in diameter and only .055" +/-.002" (1,4 mm +/- 0,0508 mm) tall. Employing our precision-machining expertise we are able to achieve flat surfaces on both sides of the disc with virtually no burrs. The flat surfaces are ideal for surface mount soldering and as the conductive mating surface for spring-loaded pins and connectors as well as test probes. The discs are typically placed on solder pasted PCB pads and then subjected to re-flow soldering. Once soldered the terminals are ready to be used as reliable, durable contact points."