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Mill-Max Interconnect Components

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Mill-Max has been manufacturing and designing precision-machined interconnect components for over 40 years. Mill-Max’s products are manufactured in their US plant with the use of proprietary high speed turning machines. These automated machines enable precise production and extreme quality control with tolerances less than +/- 0.0005”.
With a wide array of components, Mill-Max offers an extensive line including:
  • Spring loaded connectors
  • SIP, DIP, BGA and PLCC sockets
  • Board-to-board interconnects and pin headers
  • PCB pins
  • Receptacles and Solder Terminals
All products are available in SMT and through-hole.

Innovative Mill-Max Products at TCH

SMT headers with .030" (0,76mm) Diameter Pins
Perfect for creating a secure surface mount interconnect between two printed circuit boards.
Ultra-Low Profile Spring-Loaded Connectors
Only 0.100" in height, the trend towards miniaturization in electronics demands smaller interconnects that deliver high quality performance.
0.050" (1,27mm) & 0.100" (2,54mm) Grid SMT Z-Bend Sockets and Headers
Designed to create a surface mount interconnect between two printed circuit boards. These products are ideal for placement near the board edge and for pluggable adapter modules which can sit perpendicular to the motherboard, conserving precious board real estate.
BGA Socket and BGA Adapter Systems
BGA Socket/Adapter Systems to fit 1mm, 0.05" and 0.8"mm grid footprints. They provide a high density and low profile interconnect system.
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